William Osman Wife Chelsea Osman – Cute Attractive Couple – 2022

William Osman Wife Chelsea Osman – Internet is for This Couple – 2022

Osman is an American YouTuber who Makes/records videos with inventions and challenges. His videos include scrap production for a competition, testing finger figures on car routes, and inviting other popular YouTubers to an egg drip competition.

William holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, where he studied mechanical engineering and a minor in electrical engineering. Prior to his career on Youtube, he worked on military test equipment, reconnaissance vehicles, and MRI machines.

William Osman Wife Bio

William’s wife Chelsea Osman is a fifth-grade teacher.

It is active on Instagram under the username @caretaker_chelsea. Osman has more than 34.8 thousand followers and 55 posts on the social media platform. The couple currently lives with their family in Ventura County, California.

Rumors of William’s death have appeared many times, but they are just hoaxes.

About William Osman House Fire

William Osman wife Chelsea lost their homes in the Thomas fire in December 2017. He posted on Youtube a video about the house fire on December 5, 2017, which showed his home after the fire. In the video, he cries as he searches for his trash can.

The video became viral, and Osman’s Youtube channel began to gain more attention after the fire. Thomas Fire in Ventura County forced thousands of people to flee their homes because it covered more than 50,000 acres of land. Chelsea and William were married for more than a year before their house burned down.

William Osman Fund Raising

GoFundMe’s account was set up by one of her family friends, David Wilner, to help with damages. The campaign aimed at $ 10,000, but exceeded $ 120,000 in 20 hours with more than 6,300 donors.

The family was not grateful for the gifts and generosity during the difficult times, the Independent said.

William Osman Wife Chelsea Quitting Youtube

On October 25, 2021, Osman uploaded a YouTube video called ‘I’m Ready.’ The video began by saying it was not clickbait, and then told viewers that he enjoyed making creative videos.

As his customers grew, William began to panic, mainly due to negative comments. He will return to Youtube for a while to check his mental health.

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William Osman Wife Chelsea Osman
William Osman Wife Chelsea Osman







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