Darlene Mowry Age, Husband, Twins & Net Worth

Who is Darlene Mowry?

Darlene Mowry is a married woman in the United States, she is a retired veteran, security guard and one-time manager. is known as the mother of two beautiful and adorable identical twins Tia Mowry and Tamer Mowry. Mowry is best known for his sibling World Cup series. he later became their manager when they were in the Voices group

Before she became famous, she could fulfill her daughter’s biggest dreams by moving with her daughter to Los Angeles, where she could continue her acting career, he also stopped and sacrificed his long military service for the same reason, rather than share a call. his daughters before the end of this article.

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25th October




25th October 1956


64 Years

Popular As

Tamera Mowry’s mother



Zodiac Sign




Darlene Mowry Age

Darlene Mowry was United States Brave Officer who was born on October 25, 1956, in Miami, Florida, United States. she is now 64 years old and will be 65 on October 25, 2021, when she celebrates his next birthday.

Details about their parents, such as where they live, current circumstances, birthdays, and place of work, such as what they do, and so on, should not be disclosed.

Darlene Mowry Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Children

The branches of Darlenia’s sibling circle grew when her daughter Tia married actor Cory Hardrict in 2008 and formed a son Cree on June 28, 2011. in November 2017 her Instagram.

The former baby of the big-name was blessed by a little girl in May plus 2018. They hid their daughter’s married life the longest before the last pronunciation of the name in June. in the same year via Instagram.

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Now call the Muchkins in Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. Tia reveals the importance of a small package of a call to happiness. The first call means positive, while the central name means follower of Christ. Ti’s husband was a man of faith and strongly believed in God; as a result, he named his daughter Tiahna correctly.

It doesn’t hurt that the call is also through one of the first princesses in Asia. Both parents have a unique love story, as their daughter mentions. The couple first met at a restaurant, where Cory changed and waited for tables, and Tia loaded and exposed her sister, which is Sister’s fulfillment.

but the famous actress did not show up despite their economic differences. Cory discovers that his religion in him loves American snipers more than he does. accordingly, decided that despite its inherently negative popularity; He could save money and buy and marry the wife of his life and the ring.


5 Ft, 8 Inches


62 kg

Body Measurements


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Light Brown

Darlene Mowry Net Worth

Although she has no fixed assets because her sources of income are priceless. In the United States, an executive producer is estimated to earn $ 105,000, which in itself shows that Darlene Mowry total assets are no less than $ 500,000. Although their total assets are unimaginable, Darlenia’s children have won so much money that you can’t even imagine it, averaging $ 8 million. In addition to his daughters, his son’s value is estimated at $ 1.5 million. so Darlene undoubtedly benefited from these funds.

About Darlene Mowry Twins

  • Tamera Mowry is the twin of darlene mowry

Tamera is an older twin, is two minutes older than Tia, was born on July 6, 1978, is of American nationality as her parents, are an actress and television personality in the United States. she first became famous when she was a teenager, the role she played as Tamera Campbell in the sitcom ABC / WB, the sister rival of her twin Tii. also in the medical drama strong medicine played by Dr. Kayla Thornton. she also appeared on the Disney Movies Twitches channel and was a sequel.

darlene mowry
darlene mowry

Darlene Mowry sister Tamera Mowry’s net worth

Just like her sister Tia, Tamera is also making a lot of money, her net worth is also estimated to be about $4 million, she gets all this from her work both acting and other projects work.

Tia Dashon Mowry Hardrict

She is Darlene’s youngest twin, born on July 6, 1978. Like her parents and twin sister, she is an American actress and a television personality, she was first recognized for her unique role. as Tia Landry in the sitcom Sister, Sister 1994-1999, opposite her own twin is the persona, Tamera Mowry. Sisters Tamera and Tia Mowry also appeared together in the original Disney Channel film Twitches (2005) and the sequel Twitches Too (2007). The two brothers also appeared in the fantasy comedy film Seventeen Again (2000) and played LaBelle’s sister in the animated series Detention from 1999-to 2000.

Tia Mowry’s Net Worth

Tia Mowry is a famous American actress, singer, and author, and also an announcer who believed that she made a lot of great money from many of her works, with a net worth of $ 4 million. by 2020, Tia will probably be best known for her starring role in the sitcom “Sister, Sister.” it was an absolutely decent sum of money for one of a kind.

Although the two twin sisters worked on different projects, their net worth was the same and sometimes many people added up to $ 4 million in two places, so that was $ 8 million.

In addition to taking the twins home, their siblings also have the potential to fetch about $ 1.5 million. that would bring Darlena’s family about $ 9.5 million in total.

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