Alok Kanojia Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia

Alok Kanojia Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia

Alok Kanojia is a specialist. He is even a player who trains in Massachusetts.

Dr. Alok Kanojia The offer spends a lot of time mainly on sadness, convincing problems, and stress.

In addition, he is also a web media character. he is widely known as the Star of Twitch. He is a member of the Healthy Gamer’s Group.

Dr. The offer joined Twitch to help players identify their passions and confidence in playing computer games.

Alok kanojia Wiki

Name Alok Kanojia
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Psychiatrist
Married/Single Married
Wife Kruti Kanojia
Twitter Dr. Alok Kanojia

Alok Kanojia is a therapist. His actual age and date of birth are unknown. According to his photos, he is at least thirty.

Kanojia has a unique character with a versatile body. Its gross size and weight are unknown. In any case, when you look at his photos, we can say that he remains at a reasonable height and weight.

As a specialist, it is not certain that he obtained a significant aggregate. In any case, he has not yet announced a salary or a new amount.

Alok Kanojia is a tied man. He has a great partner named Kruti Kanojia. Kruti is a major supporter along with his better half and CEO of the Healthy Gamers Group.

The specialist did not disclose the names of his parents. He seems to remain under the radar of his people and family. The data identified by his compatriots and family can hardly be ascertained.

Dr. Offer her a psychiatric residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and another from the McLean Adult Psychiatry Residency Program. Dr. Kanojia was raised in the United States. He has an American identity.

Alok Kanojia is also a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He also studied associate psychiatry at McLean Hospital.

Dr. The offer is the main sponsor of the Healthy Gamers group. In addition, he is a star on Twitch and encourages players to acknowledge their confidence in chaos and passion.

He works on grief, stress and healing problems. His treatment is a combination of Eastern and ancient style psychotherapy. He has 6477 followers on Twitter.

Dealing with Gaming Addiction

Having trouble supporting a child, family member, or friend with a video game issue? Alok Kanojia offers these tips.

Understand that the game is not just a game.

“It’s part of their lives. Games are ways we make social communities, we make connections. Sometimes playing can also be a career, on EA Sports, on Twitch, on YouTube. If you take someone’s game, you can take their life.” Players often understand that their game is problematic. But as long as you are under attack, they will never accept it. First, form an alliance and then go against the game. ”

Start with listening instead of teaching.

“Try to understand: Why do they play? What do they want in life as someone? When you start communicating with [players] in a non-judgmental way, you can adjust your goals. You can say, ‘Okay, so one day you want to work as a video game developer. games 10 hours a day will help you? Do they hire people to play video games? “[The player] knows, no, they don’t. See programmers here. Then you can talk about how programmers get degrees, how they go to college, and what the player wants to do with them.

Build an alliance.

“Once you’ve adjusted your goals, you’ll say, ‘OK, I want to help you achieve your dreams.’ But because you don’t seem to be able to limit your game, you want to do it. Do I have any limits for you? “And then it’s weird. Alok Kanojia says yes and then the whole ball game changes. Because as long as they have a goal and you have another, you will not succeed. But if you can. Align you, that is when we see a real impact, a positive change.”

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Alok Kanojia
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